Tuesday, September 15, 2009


annoying with people who are very selfish
annoying with people who pretend like leader
annoying with people who like to ask people follow what he/she say
annoying with people who like to make other people keep wonder
annoying with people who like to pretend he/she always right
annoying with people who dunno how to concern other people feel
annoying with people who dunno how to appreciate people
annoying with people who dunno to ask forgiveness eventhough it is his/her fault
annoying with people who are really ego
annoying with people who cannot accept other people view

****just a list of annoying thing that make me annoy..

nota jari:sangat keliru dengan perasaan ini...harap dapat menenangkan diri


  1. ouhh sabar ek farah.
    manusia ni mcm2 ragam.
    susuh nak faham setiap org.


  2. 'bersabarlah....sesungguhnya aku berpuasa';pesan nabi pada umatnya...

  3. sabar ekk.takpe..nanti seme akan bahagia

  4. the thing that bugged me so much is why you still have the nerve to blog in english despite of your..you know, your...level of english literacy. you might claim that blogging in english can help improve your english writing. but then again i don't see any of your friends / blog visitors care enough to correct your mistakes. and you might as well said that this is your blog, your personal space, it's your call of what to be written or displayed. but this is not helping either.i am truly sorry i happen to read your blog but girl, this is really a disaster. i think you should get some help or if you are too lazy to learn english, stop blogging!!! talk about a disgrace to english language.or you might just write in a language which you are more familiar with. or channel your time and energy to your studies...not ranting and whining about your pathetic life in the cyber space where it can be exposed to millions of readers. go get/experience something that you can be proud of and worth sharing with people and then only write about it.

    it's for your own good, girl but i get it if you wanna be defensive.

  5. sabar..
    semuanya akan berjalan dgn lancar..

  6. diela-ye farah akn bertabah.hihi

    free2write-baik..sesungghnya aku berpose

    syauqah wardah-akan bersbr..thanx

    anonymous-thanx ye bg komen..sy akn perbaiki lg..i'm not perfect

    zanneti be-okey..insyaALLAH


  7. xpe farah...sume org xperfect...jg diri elok2 n settle elok2 r problem tue...biasalah manusia nie...n wlpun ade org cakap ur english mcm 2, dah kire baguslah sebab mg berani cube tulis dlm english drpd yg penakut nk cube...take care!-306

  8. anony@anis-syaaa..thanks so much..i'm try 2 be perfect even i'm not..take care dear..rindu bangat same kamu..